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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am back, as a Holistic Health Counselor- In Training :)

After a year of starting this blog, which only resulted in a few posts, I am back.  So, I want to tell you a little bit about where I have been, and why I have not had "any time"!
Moterosso al Mar, Cinque Terre, Italy (July, 2010)

When I first began this blog, I was in the first few weeks of my very first year as a preschool teacher.  After a very stressful year, one that depleted much of my energy and motivation, I am back on track and teaching the summer enrichment camp at my school. In September I will be entering my second year as a preschool teacher.

I want to recap a bit to tell you little bit about me and why I am back: In May 2010 I spoke for the first time to a psychic.  As I may have mentioned in my posts a year ago, this psychic knew A LOT about me, having first met her.  She said something that really resonated within me (and was coming from my grandfather, who according to her adores me, and who I never met): "You are in a weird place, you should not put all your eggs into one basket.  You must diversify, and fulfill your potential.  You will receive many certificates and in may of 2011, you will be doing what will make you happy."

So, this past April my boyfriend, John and I visited his mother in St. Thomas, VI (where she lives, I know, lucky lady!) His mother has always been such an inspiration to me, motivating me to work my hardest, and be my best while still enjoying life.  She was very eager to show me this article that she had read. The article was about a woman who was unhappy in her current career and situation, so she became a student at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Today she is making a very good living for herself, and is loving what she is doing.  The article just happened to come to me at the most perfect time. Everything this woman talked about seemed to be exactly what I want to do in my career. So, after our trip I came home, did research on IIN, and found out that it is not only a holistic health coaching school, but I can do it all online (and still teach pre-k!)

May, 2011 rolled around, and I registered for IIN (talk about manifesting dreams!).  So here I am today LOVING what I am doing (I guess my grandfather was right... Gosh! How did that psychic do that!?)  My education is so meaningful, and I finally feel like I am running in the direction of my dreams.

In May of 2012 I will be a Certified Health Counselor, working part time with women clients who are looking to improve their health and wellness.  In addition, I hope to extend my work by helping out my school district and teaching healthy habits to children fighting against obesity and childhood illnesses. This November I will begin taking clients for half of my going rate :) If you are interested check out my website here and we can set up a FREE health history consultation.

I look forward to sharing information, inspiration, and some yummy food with you, as you join me on this journey of running after dreams.

Me with my God baby, Audriana Rose.  She and my sister (her mother, Lauren) are such inspirations and motivations for me!

Coming Soon: Here are some topics I plan to talk about, if you have any suggestions, or anything you would like me to cover just shoot me a message :)

  • Avery Liska: My adorable Maltese who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder this past April.  Her journey towards healing and surviving via Vegan diet.
  • Forks Over Knives: The event (or should I say the food), the movie, and what I found most valuable
  • Gluten free Veganism: I am an Italian girl who can't eat (much) gluten and dairy!
  • Organic Garden Galore!
  • P90x: How my beau gets in better shape with less work!
  • Running in the woods
  • Green Smoothies and Juices
  • Lunch Salads
  • Maintaining wellness in times of stress and too much work
  • Chocolate and other vegan goodies :)
  • Manifesting our dreams
  • Bikram Hot Yoga
  • The distorted views about "dieting" that I,  and I am sure many of you, grew up on...
  • Adult acne 
  • My favorite places to eat
  • Teflon and what to really use in the kitchen
  • Coconut Oil and other natural beauty products
  • Giving permission to not be perfect all of the time, to have fun, to live a little and maybe be a bit reckless :)