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Monday, September 12, 2011

Boulder, Blackouts, and Great Old Friends

Hello Everybody!

I must apologize for my long absence.  My last post was right before I went to Boulder, Colorado to visit a dear friend of mine.  Unfortunately I came home to days of no power, and then jumped into the hectic first days of school.  With that said, I would like to dedicate this post to old friends.  Just last week my friends and I lost a dear friend.  It was a terrible week, one that none of us would have gotten through without each other... 

As we grow up, friendship often gets put on the back burner for other things.  We become these stressful adults who only have time for our career and our family.  Some of us are trying to enjoy our time off while taking care of ourselves through exercise and eating healthy.  What we forget is that friendship is so important for our integral health, and should be focused on as much as if not more than the food we put into our mouth.  With friends, we can catch the curve balls life throws our way...  In addition, with the tenth year anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11/2001,  I think we can all agree that life is too short... If you do one thing today, call a friend and tell them you love them.

From the beautiful words of Adele: 

‎"You know how the time flies

Only yesterday

It was the time of our lives

We were born and raised

In a summer haze

Bound by the surprise
Of our glory days..."

I was fortunate to have spent the previous week with one of my dearest friends in her current home, Boulder Colorado. Jacq and I have been friends since we worked together in the town's pizzeria.  We were about 15... making deli sandwiches together (ekk!). Now, at 25, we are both vegans (no wonder!) and Bikram hot yoga buddies.

Jacq and I in Breckenridge, after a gondola ride to the top where we enjoy delicious homemade salads :)

Now traveling is not always easy, and even though I was going to Boulder and visiting a friend who had a juicer and a blender (that was my gift to her!), I still needed to pack appropriately.... 

Smoothie and vitamins all packed for the suitcase. Each in individual bags, labeled. I always pack like this, and it never fails!

The snacks that saved my life during my 2-hour delay on the plane ride there, and my almost-stuck-in-Kansas City (my dinner that terrible emotional night...)  I LOVE Whole Food's Waste Friendly mix (on the far left), Gogi Berries- perfect!, and out of the three bars, the Yogi Raw Banana and Nuts tasted like fresh banana bread... easily my favorite!

 and with my garden spitting out too many cucumbers to stuff an army, I had to bring some along for the ride....

Being in Boulder made me understand my purpose for being a born and raised, and never leaving- Jersey Girl.  I LOVED Boulder, but I understand that I need to do my part to make Jersey more Boulder-ish...  in other words, a healthy haven! Here is a sneak peak at this terribly healthy-green vacation:

Jacque makes her very own Komucha!! I will be starting my own soon :)

Striking a pose at a beautiful spot outside of Breckenridge

One of my many delicious salads from Whole Foods (we really, really, like that place)

Dessert at the Tonic Oxygen Bar... Raw Vegan Cake, and a delicious, refreshing Kombucha

And of course, our daily green smoothies :)

When I came home to a dark house (THANK YOU IRENE... I am sure many of you feel my pain) I needed to improvise.  The thought of not having my juice and smoothie in the morning, especially before my first week of work, was devastating.  So, this is what I did....
These "Shake and Go" Smoothies are so delicious! They are packed with nutrients and made up for the mornings that I did not have electricity to run my beloved bullet blender but needed the energy to plow through a day of a teacher.  In addition, I bought some Kombucha-- New addiction, thanks to Jacque and her homemade one :)

Blackouts and Colorado are just a mere memory now... the latter, being one that I will cherish forever.  A perfect weekend with a great old friend.  

I hope you all have enjoyed your end of the summer, back to school, work, what have you, and are ready for a delicious, harvest filled season (I LOVE the Fall!).  Just before that harvest begins... this was the last of our summer pickings (btw, the deer indulged in our garden right before the storm... they knew I was in Boulder... or that Irene was coming! Nooo more broccoli :(

43 HUGE cucumbers, about 2 1/2 dozen cherry tomatoes (which are still growing!), a few peppers, jalopenos, and eggplant... Whew!

If you do one thing today, send an old friend some love <3

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Xox

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  1. Sending you love, sis! I hope things are less hectic this week.

    Don't you love the chocolate shake n go? Omg, so good! I told mom to get it!