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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just Dream...

Hello Angels!

As I promised, this post is a continuation of The Fall IINto Action Health Conference that I attended a few weeks ago in New York City.  I admire Deepak Chopra so much.  He has instilled so much faith, trust, and peace in so many people, including myself.  What I love best is the concept that what you think you can't do, you can't. What you think you can do, you can. In other words, it is all in your head, you have created your present, and you have the power to create your ideal future.

Now, I hope I don't sound too crazy for you in this post. I know when I first started to explore my spirituality a few years ago, I thought it was all a little weird too. Of course that was until I realized how powerful thinking is, and I had no other choice but to believe. It is crazy to me how there are so many different religions, yet, they are all the same.  They all believe that there is one "God" or whatever you call that power (I like to say the Universe), who is looking over each and everyone of us, assuring we take the correct path. That power is putting things in place to help guide us in the right direction. There are omens everywhere! I was raised Roman Catholic, I grew up, I went to college, and I started to move away from my religion, into a dark place of non-belief.  I am so grateful for my religious up bringing, but I have now created my own spirituality outside of the strict walls called religion. My body is my temple and I trust that when I believe in this power, things always work out.

You are the creator of your life, you have the "power" to do anything and have anything you want.... Read The Secret.  When you do, you will realize that you have always know this concept-- how many times have you created your reality? My favorite is creating parking spots :) Ask my boyfriend or any of my friends... they will tell you that when I say I am going to get a perfect front row parking spot, I will. Works nearly every time. This is The Law of Attraction.

What is the "soul" you speak about, Dr. Deepak Chopra? Such a confusing concept! WHAT is the soul? Well,"it cannot be found in the body... nor measurable in space or time.  It is our core consciousness."  I believe that everybody has a "soul purpose" in life. There is a reason you are here, and you are faced with your circumstances because of that reason. There are lessons to learn, and service to be paid.

Deepak Chopra said that in order to establish the soul's profile you must ask yourself a series of questions.:

  1. Who am I? 
  2. What do I want? 
  3. What is a peak experience for me?
  4. What is my life's purpose? 
  5. What contribution can I make to the world? 
  6. What meaningful relationships do I have? 
  7. How can I give to those relationships? 
  8. What unique skills and talents do I have, and how can I use them to serve?
  9. Who are my architypes?
  10. What is my story?

"The world is our projection, you can change it."-- Deepak Chopra

What I found to be the most important message in this presentation was Dr. Deepak Chopra's "D" and the "S" of the L.E.A.D.E.R.S.

  • D- Dare to dream now and DO IT, transform your reality
    • S- Stretch for your dreams
    • M- Measure your dreams
    • A- Agree on the measurement
    • R- Record the progress
    • T- Time limit for your dreams
  • S-Synchronicity with the Universe, there is a linear cause and effect. 
    • The soul is synchronic
    • There are karmic patterns, what you give out, you will receive
    • Opportunity meets preparedness
I know that life throws curve balls, and that life is not always easy... Which is why it is important to find time to dream and to create those dreams.  Many of us are stuck in situations that zap our energy and rid us of happiness... You need to remember that YOU create your reality, YOU have the ability to change that reality. YOU have the right to dream and the right to succeed.

The Universe (or God, or whatever you prefer to call it), works in beautiful ways.  JUST when you need something to give you a boost, you will receive it... All you have to do is believe. I (and most of the world) have been dealing with stress around that power called money. There are so many things I want to do at the young and ripe age of 24, but I can't do because a.) I have to work b.) I have to pay my bills and c.) I need to save.  I was feeling as though I was trapped in this depressing cycle of work, eat, sleep.  As of last night I felt I had hit a wall... I was drained of not only money, but energy.  I went to bed stressed out of my mind.  Woke up before the crack of dawn, and sat down to listen to my Meditation.  It was day 11 (11 is my lucky number) of the Chopra Center's Summer Meditation Challenge (which I purchased to MAKE myself meditate) and what was this guided meditation about? MONEY. I just laughed... thanked the Universe, and after my meditation I felt SO much better.  Lunch time, I sit to eat and read my email... check out Facebook, lo and behold, my favorite doctor, Dr. Mark Hyman, posted a link to a blog via my role model Kris Carr... what was the topic of the blog? MONEY.

Just remember the Universe (God, whoever!) works in beautiful ways.  You can have whatever you want in life, you just have to believe in yourself, and trust that (from the amazing artist, Bob Marley) "Every little thing is gonna be all right."

With happy thoughts, BIG dreams, and much love <3

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