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Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hello all of your BEAUTIFUL people,

I have a confession to make.  Things are going really well in my life.  I am enjoying my job as a preschool teacher.  My boyfriend and I are so over the top in love (after 7 1/2 years).  He just passed the first part of his CPA exam (whew!). My nutrition program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition is just invigorating.  And, I just discovered that a local college (Georgian Court University) has a Masters program for Holistic Health (woo hoo!!).

The one problem... all of this celebrating is putting a toll on my ass.

We have all been there, most of us are there at any given minute-- having a low self esteem. Being your worst enemy.  Everything in my life is so wonderful right now, but the one thing that keeps brings me down and keeps me from enjoying this wonderful time of my life is, my stupid insecurity.

My friend Maria, the creator of  Going Down Swinging: A RSD/CRPS Blog recently asked me to write a post for her campaign titled "Good Health is Gorgeous".  After Maria asked me, it took about two weeks for the inspiration to put my story, so to say "on paper" (or on the internet for the world to see).  I know I say this so often, but EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  Maria asked me to write for her right when I was beginning to feel down about my recent weight gain.  While writing my story (which I will repost when available) I was given the opportunity to analyze my past harsh decisions that did harm to my body.  I looked at my story and I thought to myself, "wow, I have come a long way".  Today, I am the healthiest I have ever been.  I eat foods for their nutrients, and I feel amazing.  I no longer have IBS, Acid Reflux, asthma or allergies.  I can easily run 6-miles in the woods, no inhaler or medication necessary. And I can make a delicious vegan meal that will wow the sox off of any herbivore.

Just last night I was feeling down on myself. This morning, I listened to my lecture for the week for IIN.  What, you might ask, is this lecture about? Well of course, you sneaky Universe: Body image. As Harville Hendrix said, negativity is a toxin, just as much of a toxin as fertilizer and pesticides. We absorb negativity from other people (and we feed other people our negativity). Release yourself from negativity and fill your self with something that is so simple... GRATITUDE. Your body will thank you, your health with improve, your relationships will be better, you will experience joy and vitality. Look at life as GRACE! 
A little piece of Heaven... 

Give thanks for that beautiful body you were blessed with! 

Both my lecture and my friend Maria brought an important fact to my attention: as women we are CONSTANTLY bombarded with the unrealistic idealism of the media. The two clips below are a must watch for women of all ages.... (please send these videos along to all of the woman you know).

So, the next time you are feeling down about your body-- turn your negativity around with gratitude. At first, it takes some practice, but the more gratitude you fill yourself with, the less room there will be for negativity, and therefore the HAPPIER you will become. 

You are GORGEOUS. Never, ever doubt that.

With love! Xoxo

*Stay tuned for my story which I will share with you when available on Maria's campaign


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  1. Timely and appreciated post. Thanks for keeping it real Amanda and thanks for helping us reshape our thoughts. All love, Treesa