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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blessings in Disguise...

Hello my new followers, thank you so much for the love and support you have given me already :) I am so happy to be here!

Today was the very first day back to school in the pre-school.  A day I was looking forward to with both joy and apprehension. As I mentioned in my first post, it has been quite a battle to get a teaching job.  Currently I am a paraprofessional...oh wait, sorry, new name for that now, drum roll please.... an "instructional assistant".  Anyway, I do love my job.  How bad could it be? I get to work with wonderful people who are all so different from one another, AND play with 3-year-olds all day! So there is my joy.... my apprehension... well, I have learned in life that when you work hard, you are rewarded. Unfortunately in my current situation, when I work hard, I am kept in the same place while others tend to advance, and be rewarded.  Yes, a situation that would make many of us quite depressed.  A situation that my first encounter with a psychic labeled as being in a "weird place". I actually almost cried when an excited substitute, who was hired, ran over to me today to see where I have been placed, of course assuming I was moved into a teaching position... this is where The Secret jumps into work.  Any other time in a like situation I would have stood around and moped.  Accepting all of my fellow sincere employees regret for me.  But today was different (well except for that 2-3 seconds when I almost cried, which I must say I quickly recovered from).  Today I held my head high because I have a new found sense of faith in my purpose.  I am literally RUNNING in the direction of my dreams, sorry Thoreau, "going" just isn't my pace. Today, when asked questions like, "WHY didn't they hire you, Amanda? What is wrong with them?" I responded by saying that I am happy where I am, I could not be happier.  I am blessed to have this job, because THIS job allows me to fulfill my purpose.  Because of THIS job as an "instruction assistant", encourages me to go back to school and receive my Masters in Nutrition and Food Science.  Because of this job, I can not only afford it, but Hey, they will reimburse me so that I do not go into (more) debt (undergraduate student loans).  Because of this job, I have more time and more energy to focus on what I, Amanda, really want in life.  

From the outside, many people may feel bad for me.  I mean come on, straight A student, has worked her butt off her entire life to get to this point, was promised a teaching job last year (yep...), and just keeps being over looked... but to ME this is a blessing.  I may not have realized it as a blessing if it were not for my new found acceptance, faith, and belief in my dreams.  But, this is all a true blessing and everything is working out just the way it needs to. I do not want anyone to feel bad for me. I want them to be excited for me.

While I lay in bed tonight, I finished reading The Secret, and the lesson learned about life in this last section has pretty much reassured me that I am Okay, as long as I believe.  In these last few pages I read what I found to be my favorite among the many inspiring quotes throughout the book:

"The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundanceSuccess comes from within, not from without." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photo of the Navesink River, New Jersey (2009)

If you are in a "weird place" like me, please share your stories so we can continue to support and inspire one another.  BELIEVE in yourself, in your DREAMS.  As my buddy Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, success comes from within, not from without.

Have a wonderful day, thank your higher power for everything you have been blessed with, especially for those disguised blessings... Believe and SMILE because you know you are on the path to reaching your dreams <3
 Thank you for your support!


  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post. I love your positive attitude, it's so uplifting.

    Have a great long weekend!

  2. Great post! You are so inspiring! I would also like to add, that when people ask why you don't have the higher position you should say: "I'm not worried, I KNOW I will have that job soon!" It's always good to put you want out there. I also say "When we do our addition on the house" instead of "IF we do the addition!" Keep your goals in reach and they will come! XO

  3. Love that quote! Keep reaching for the stars girl!

  4. Hello Amanda!

    I am a follower of your sister's blog (which I LOVE so much - it always makes me feel happy when I am down), and so now I have come over to visit you from her link!

    #1 - Just to throw out a brainstorming idea, when you are finished with your nutritionist training, there are ALWAYS teaching jobs open in Houston (where I am from). They are hurting for good teachers, big time!

    #2 - My weird place - I decided many years ago that I wanted to go back to school because I could not get the jobs that I wanted because I was not qualified enough. I decided to do it part time, as I was accepted to a university where I did not qualify for any funding (long story), and so I needed to work to pay my bills and got student loans for my tuition. As it has been part time, and I have also moved 4 times during the course of the degree (2 of those moves to another country) which made me take a suspension of studies twice, this has taken longer than I would have hoped. I will be finishing at the end of this year, but now - with over $100k in student loans from 3 degrees - all I can think about is doing something else (which I keep secret right now as it might affect my current job and future prospects if they know I am wanting to do something else in the long run, and also because I have some negative family and friends who I don't want yapping to me about the ridiculousness of my idea). So, time and money spent to do something which I no longer am that interested in! Yikes! My plan is to keep truckin' for now, and get my mind and heart more focused on the future and a career change that I hope will come into place in about 2-3 years.

  5. This is an attitude! I've always believed and known that if we believe and stay positive everything can happen. Dreams do come true. I've experienced it:)