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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ladies Only (Diva Cup- TMI but worth the read)

Last week I told you I stopped using deodorant... Well, I also stopped using tampons and pads.

(She's nuts!)

Tampons and pads are not only disgusting waste that rots in our landfills and clogs our toilets, but they are also loaded with chemicals, artificial scents, and can lead to infections, extreme dryness, cramps, and toxic shock.

Don't worry, I'm not just letting it all out... Gross... I'm using what I call my, "little silicone cup" which is really called the "Diva Cup".

When I first pulled the "cup" out of the packaging, I was scared. I studied the directions. What if it gets stuck up there!? I was having visions of me waking up my husband to help yank this thing out (comical, now that I think about it!).  However, once I got the hang of the Diva Cup I wondered how I didn't know about it sooner! The amount of money I would have saved, and mind you, this is coming from someone who went three years sans cycle... The grossness I could have avoided! Dryness... Stinkiness..

So what is the Diva Cup?

It is made from silicone, it is leak proof, odor proof, it's cheap ($25 on Amazon), you can wear it up to 12 hours without having to worry about toxic shock, it is reusable (not going to sit in a landfill) and it's easy. If you want more information about it, visit the website: here

But more from a real person who used it for the first time (last week):

At first, I was skeptical...

How in the world is this thing not going to overflow and leak? (I know, gross to think about!) Remember I have PCOS, and for all my PCOS ladies out there, you know how heavy our cycles can be.... But it really did not leak. Not once! I used to go though heavy duty tampons in an hour. This cup seriously held it all in for 10-12 hours (my heavier days I was a bit paranoid and emptied it out more frequently). As the package suggests, you have to turn the cup once inside of you a full turn to assure it is completely open.

So  onto that worry I mentioned earlier.. What if it gets stuck? There is this three centimeter (perhaps shorter) "thing" (for lack of better words) that hangs down-- but I quickly learned that you have to use your fingers to pinch out the cup. It is SO not as awful as it sounds. I swear! You don't even get dirty (period dirty). After a few times of perhaps being a little grossed out, I was surprisingly intrigued and able to really keep track of my flow.

The best part about the cup is that you can really go all day without changing it. It might take a bit getting used to taking it out and putting it in, but after a few shots you get the hang of it... No different then getting used to wearing tampons.

Not to mention, you don't deal with any of the dryness you get with tampons, or the stink you get with pads. (ekkk!)

I was so excited when I was wearing it I could hardly contain myself. If you know me personally, you know when I love something, it's impossible for me to shut up about it. I wanted to scream to the world: "throw away your tampons! I have discovered the most amazing "thing" ever..." But I will settle for a blog post about it.

I hope I have encouraged you to ditch your nasty, toxic, environment disaster tampons and pads for a Diva Cup... And trust me- don't be intimated, try it out, give it some time, it's worth it!

Please private message me, (or public if you are like me and have no shame), and let me know what you think of it or if you have any questions!

Love, light, and easy flow ;)

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